NYC Day 6

Last Night in Town

NYC ‘24: Day 6

2020 was a difficult season for everyone, including churches. Swerve Church in Bushwick, Brooklyn suffered as a result of Covid. Their church which had grown by God’s Grace completely dissipated. The majority of the people moved out of NYC to other areas of the country. Pastor Danny had to start from scratch. By God’s Grace the church had grown bit by bit over the last 4 years. There is one big difference between Swerve’s pre-Covid congregation and their post-Covid congregation. Post-Covid Swerve is almost completely full of new believers. Pastor Danny has been baptizing many people the last couple years.

This afternoon our team set up their worship space for a Good Friday service. We set up a baptismal tank for two baptisms they are to perform during their Good Friday service! God is moving through Swerve Church, and our team was used by God to play a small part in their journey. Tomorrow we head home. Although everyone has loved every second of this trip, our team is ready to come home. Please pray for safe travels!

To God Alone Be the Glory

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