A God Moment 

NYC ‘24: Day 4

God moments. Day 4 was a day full of God moments. Today our team began by serving a Senior Center on the street of Swerve Church. Swerve considers them a ministry partner and constantly serves them. We were able to accomplish many tasks for them. Organization. Painting. Moving Tables. But of all the things we did, one stood out. It truly was the reason we were there today. The Director of the Senior Center, Erica, is a new follower of Jesus. She knew we were Christians like her, and we were there to serve. At one point, Erica pulled Emmi Baldwin, our female chaperone, into her office and poured out her heart and struggles to Emmi. Erica has felt lonely in this position because she is the only believer on staff and is treated differently because of it. Emmi was able to encourage and pray for her. A God moment.

In the afternoon, our team did one last block party for the community. A lady passed by and received her snacks from our students. She then asked them to pray for her because she was going through a hard time. Emmi and I were away from them at this moment but watching. Without hesitation, the five students who were there surrounded her, laid hands on her, and one of our seniors, Noah, prayed for her. A God moment.

Pray for comminuted strength and energy. We have two more days of service before we return Friday.

To God Be the Glory

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