NYC: Monday Update


Neighborhood Church Team

Update from Neighborhood Church team:

Day 1 with Neighborhood Church began with a prayer walk of the Upper West Side. It is a very unique area of New York. It is place where you find celebrities walking the streets (yea, there were some celebrities spotted today) and families who have found success.

It’s an affluent neighborhood that wants nothing that we have have to offer. So we spent the afternoon cleaning up their streets. Picking up trash, cigarette butts, bottles, etc.

It is unbelievable the conversation this led to. New Yorkers love their neighborhoods, Upper West Siders especially. So when they see a group of strangers showing their neighborhood love, it leads to good conversations and allowed several of our team to point them to the love the church has for God and neighbors.

We’re all tired, but encouraged by how God is shaping us and giving us opportunity to encourage our church partners Steve & Toni Chambers.

Thank you for the prayers and encouragement today!


Today, the OCC team participated in an audio prayer walk that took us around the city so that we can pray for the specific areas of Hell’s Kitchen that OCC ministers to.

OCC Team 1 was able to serve the community by cleaning the Hell’s Kitchen food cupboard (a free food pantry for the homeless or those in need).

OCC Team 2 had the opportunity to go out into the community to hand out and post flyers for the free pop up grocery event happening this Friday. Flyers were given to many businesses as well as pedestrians on the street.

OCC Team 3 had the opportunity to run errands to gather items for the sandwiches that we would later make for the Hell’s Kitchen cupboard. At the end of our work day, the OCC teams reconvened to make over 200 sandwiches to be delivered to the HK cupboard.

Please continue to pray for our two mission teams as we engage the people and unique culture of New York!

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