NYC Mission Summary

Mission Summary

24 missionaries from Taylor Road descended on New York City. Serving two separate churches in Manhattan.

We didn’t arrive in NYC trying hit Grand Slams for Jesus. We aren’t the heroes coming to save the day, we simply were being obedient to do the simple little things that God could use to make a difference in the life of someone.

There are countless stories of how God worked in the lives of our team members and the communities they served. Too many to recount here.

As many learned, serving Jesus doesn’t have to be big over-the-top things. It’s in the little things, like making friends with someone or loving a neighborhood with no ulterior motive…no end goal of “getting them saved”. People see right through that. It’s about genuinely loving and caring for people.

Thank you so much for your support of this team, both in prayer and giving. You’ve helped make a dent on the earth for the Gospel.

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