NYC Day One


NYC ‘24: Day 1

NYC, a city with over 8 million residents living in approximately 470 square miles. NYC, a city with only 4% of the population identifying as evangelical. This is the city we are trying to reach, but we are not the true and permanent missionaries. It’s the local churches and leaders who have planted themselves throughout this vast city who are truly on the front lines. This week, we have come to serve one of these churches. Swerve Church is located in Brooklyn. Our team will be spending our week with them.

Day 1 was filled with traveling, preparing, and some sightseeing. After finishing some logistics for the week, we went to visit Time Square. Thousands of people filled the plaza, but as much fun as we were having, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of sadness. I was struck by the realization that the majority of the people there were lost and that the wrath of God was over them. I now long to see Christ known and worshipped in NYC even more!

Please be praying for our team as we keep the gospel above all, as we prioritize people over preference, as we do whatever it takes to reach those around us, and as we give all of our time and energy to the Lord and His church in Brooklyn this week.

To God Be the Glory

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Dawn - March 24th, 2024 at 2:24pm

Lifting each of you up as you follow In His Steps. ✝️🛐🙏🏽