Trip to Vienna - Last Day

A Visit to Vienna, Austria

For most of us Saturday is our last day in Europe before we return home. We visited Vienna, Austria. The picture above is of Shönbrunn Palace, the main summer residence of the Habsburg rulers. The name Schönbrunn means "beautiful spring."  The original part of the palace was built in 1569. We enjoyed walking around the outside of the palace, seeing some of the gardens, and walking up behind the palace to The Gloriette. We had lunch together and then headed for the center of the city to see St. Stephen's Cathedral. We ended the evening with dinner at a local restaurant.

It is bittersweet that our trip has come to an end. But this is not the end. There is much work still to be done. We must continually pray for the kids, who came to camp that they would make a decision to follow Jesus. We must pray for our Czech partners who worked hard, gave all of their heart to the camp, and were bold in sharing the gospel. On Saturday our team devotion was Psalm 136, "His faithful love endures forever."  The Psalmist recounts all that God had done in the past and present, and because of what God did, the only way the writer could say was, "His faithful love endures forever." We are praising God for all that He has done in our hearts, in the hearts of our Czech friends, and in the hearts of the kids that came to camp. Pray that the work in Bystrc may continue to be strengthened and increased.

Gloriette, Shönbrunn Palace

The Gloriette was built in 1775 to serve as both a focal point and a lookout point for the garden. It was used as a dining hall and festival hall as well as a breakfast room for emperor Franz Joseph I

St. Stephen's Cathedral

Thank You Taylor Road Family

For Your Prayers and Support!

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Lorraine Mink - July 30th, 2023 at 7:45am

So grateful to our Taylor Road family for helping everyone on the ship was incredible blessing please pray for the people of the Brno Baptist Church, and their mission at Runway Bstryc-the families and children that could be changed by our Father through this ministry might change the trajectory of a nation!