NYC Wednesday Update

NYC Wednesday Update

Neighborhood Team

Neighborhood Church Update:

Whew! What a day. We got to work at Geneva School planting flowers, refinishing large wooden external doors, and scraping off gunk from the sanctuary floor.

It was some good hard manual labor and our team loved it! Because we were working on the sidewalk in front of the school, we had so many great conversations with people.

The people here love their neighborhoods and when they see the work a church is doing in their neighborhood, it begins to change their attitudes.

We have one day left to finish our work here. We are tired, but love the work we’re doing!

OCC Team

Our last day at OCC was nothing short of a blessing.

We had the opportunity to work in conjunction with City Relief (a ministry that provides support to the community through distributing food, clothes and resume help.) Many served in the food truck, while others served in gathering information for the ministry to use at a later date.

Perhaps the most important job that our team did at City Relief was walking up and down the food line asking people if they could pray for them. Many said yes, more said no. Thankfully through this ministry, we were blessed to play a small part in a young man’s call to repentance. This man is very ingrained in the LGBTQ lifestyle, but through God’s grace, Hell lost another soul and we have gained another brother in Jesus Christ!

After we finished our time of service with City Relief, we returned to distribute OCC branded hand warmers to those who would accept them! Our time serving Hell’s Kitchen has come to an end, but that doesn’t mean that the ministry work stops here! Please continue to pray for the young man we met today and for OCC as they continue to disciple and minister to him.

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