Camp - Day 5

English Camp - Day 5

Friday was the last day of camp.  We have had an incredible time. It has been such a blessing to work with our Czech brothers and sisters and to see them work hard, give their whole heart to the success of this camp, and share their faith with these kids.  The last day of camp is an adventure (day trip) as they look to find the treasure in with their teams.

Friday's theme was – Have you found the treasure yet - the meaning of your life?  Marek shared in the morning his personal testimony. When he was a young man, his parents taught him that God was real. But in elementary school because of communism, he was taught that God was not real. This was a struggle for him to know who to believe and what was the truth. A little later as a teenager he began to think about what would happen to him when he dies. He knew that if he believed his parents, then he would be with God in heaven. Or if he believed his educational upbringing that at least becoming a Christian would be better. However, he knew that choosing his parent's beliefs to be called a 'Christian' was not enough. He wanted to take his beliefs more seriously. So, he chose to believe in God and truly trust Jesus for forgiveness of sin. After making this decision - he knew he found the greatest treasure there is in this life - Jesus.

Throughout the week there has been a skit with two pirates - one a believer and the other not. The one captain, who is a believer, has shared about his relationship with God and hope in God throughout their journey of finding the treasure. Along with the skit the daily devotions have been incredible. The kids have heard and learned about God's love for them, and His salvation plan for us. Lots of seeds have been sown. In English class we have shared Bible stories to re-illustrate what has been shared in the daily devotions. These three avenues of gospel sharing have been woven together so beautifully. Pray for these kids as they have finished camp and will go home continuing to think about what they have seen in us and heard through testimony and God's Word. Pray for God to take the seeds that have been sown and to water them and that they would grow - 30, 60, 100 fold. Every time I see the wheat fields, God reminds me of Luke 10:2 when Jesus told them (disciples), "The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore, pray to the Lord of the harvest to send workers into his harvest."

Marek shares his testimony

Pokladovka - The treasure hunt

Rola (Marek's dad) and I as characters in the treasure hunt hike

Daily skit

The captain who was not a believer finally found the treasure he was looking for. However, after finding it he realized that earthly treasure has no value compared to knowing God and having a relationship with Him. He decided to the leave the beautiful treasure behind and give God His life. 

English groups

End of the week team dinner with Marek

Thoughts from the team on Friday

Mickey Ann says,
"Now that the camp is over, the busyness is done and memories and meditation begins.  I truly believe I have made lifelong friends.  More than all of this we made MUCH of JESUS.  I am and I will be praying for the people I have met and who have made such an impact on my life!"

Elizabeth says, 
"Do you wish there was a god?  That was the question I decided that was needed to be answered before we asked about belief. Everyone said they wished there was. Which I think really impacted me cause I have always just grown up with there absolutely being one. God is definitely working through these people and I can tell there’s a desire. What I ask for is proof for them. Whether that be an Angel or simply a hug after a long day. They need and want God. They just need people to show it to them"

Noah says,
"Friday was also bitter sweet for me. I am so exhausted from this week, but I’m also gonna really miss these kids. I loved seeing all the strong relationships made this week. And I really enjoyed the kids asking me questions about my life and about America. And I just can’t wait to see what God will do in and through each and every one of their lives

"Lorraine says, 
"Friday was such a gift I didn’t expect. Connecting with the kids over our 5k treasure hunt through the village and the woods gave us time to talk and answer questions and hear about their lives and dreams.  I cannot wait to see what God will do with their lives - so much talent and joy and hearts brimming with love and excitement."

Selah says,
"Today was bitter sweet. I am sad that I have to leave this place, but I know God has used this time, although it be little, for our good and His glory. He is doing a great work here in Brno, and I am blessed to have had any part in it."

Dontralisa says,
"I was really impressed by how much of an impact the ministry has had on the kid's life. Some of the kids may not display that they have a love for Christ or understanding for whatever circumstance, however, their actions speaks volumes. I believe that we have not only taught/ inspired the children but the young adults as well."

Elizabeth turn's 15

Elizabeth has been such a joy to have on our team. She does an amazing job at telling the Bible stories with the kids. During the hike her team could not solve the puzzle. They were stopped for 30 minutes. But Elizabeth finally solved it and her whole team praised her so much so that they thought she was so smart because of her red hair (see picture above).

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