Man 2 Man

Man to Man exists to Connect men together, to Grow in spiritual maturity,
and Conquer the hearts of men for the Glory of God.

Man to Man is the Men's Ministry of Taylor Road Baptist Church. 


Man 2 Man Podcast

Join the conversation with Patrick Dean, Pastor Daniel, and others as they talk about personal discipleship and leadership and how it matters to every man. To get notifications of each new podcast go to the Taylor Road App settings and turn on notifications for Men's Ministry. Podcasts are scheduled to release every Monday. 

There is help for you.

Not a class. Not another program or event but a discipleship program running in the background that helps men one on one or in 2’s. Some guys may need counseling and I have people I am connected with that can provide. This is an opportunity to counsel and learn what biblical accountability is and how to recover from their demons. 

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