Mother's Day Out

Mother's Day Out & Kindergarten Program

since 1991

Taylor Road Baptist Church Mother’s Day Out and Kindergarten has been providing a safe, nurturing environment for children since 1991.  This program follows our school’s long tradition of developmentally appropriate and engaging experiences for young children. The Mother’s Day Out program has two primary goals.  First, the program provides parents an opportunity to leave their children for a few hours in a safe and nurturing setting on a consistent schedule every week.  Our second goal is to help young children gain independence skills as they practice separating from their parents and interacting in a group setting.
During their time at Taylor Road Baptist Church’s Mother’s Day Out and Kindergarten, children will experience many activities including art, music and movement, outdoor play, story time, and arts & crafts.  The schedule of the day is designed to be responsive to the needs of children as they transition from infant to toddler and then again from a 2 year old toddler to 3 year old kindergartner and so on.  All children are encouraged to explore at their own pace and comfort level.  There is a plan for each day that includes both active and quiet times, and provides the children opportunities to socialize with peers and adults.  The children also enjoy a snack of nut free trail mix provided by Taylor Road Baptist Church’s Mother’s Day Out and Kindergarten and a lunch brought from home.
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